Cubase MP3 ID Tag Bug


When I attempt an audio mixdown of an mp3 in Cubase, and add an mp3 ID tag, my titles always get cut off. It seems that the title is limited to 30 characters. Has anyone also had this issue? I would like to be able to export songs with longer titles. Any advice would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Yes, I noticed that too. Another problem is the lack of accents (my Cubase is in portuguese, but I can´t use accents).

I’m using this one to insert mp3 tab (free):

Thank you for the reply. Is there any loss of mp3 quality when using that encoder? Sounds wonderful!

No. In fact It is an ID3 tag editor, so as far as I know, no audio manipulation involved.

Perfect. Thank you!

I’m glad to help!