Cubase mp3s have skipping problem on itouch

I have a strange problem with MP3s of tracks I have composed on cubase. If I play tham back on a PC they work fine. However, when I play them back on my itouch, there is always a few seconds missing towards the end of the track. The last few seconds play. It’s just a chunk of about 5 seconds before those last few seconds of music that is missing - a bit like an old vinyl lp with the needle jumping. I don’t get this problem with commercial mp3’s on my itouch. So, I wonder if it is something to do with the encoding on cubase.

Any suggestions?

:neutral_face: can anyone help?

What if you export as 44.1k 16bit from Cubase and use iTunes or Lame to convert to MP3?

Thanks. I hadn’t thought of that approach. Sound obvious now you mention it. I’ll give it a go

Thanks again! It worked. There was only a one second difference between the Cubase created version and the itunes created one but it makes all the difference.