Cubase Music and Videos!!!


I have spent years making music on ye olde Cubase - here’s a link to some of my videos - would be great if you could check them out:

Say You Do:

Better Than That:

Your Empire:

All tunes recorded on Cubase and Videos made on Final Cut Pro, I own all copyright.



nice :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris!

Say You Do
I do, like it.

Nice beat.

Good man Michael, cheers. Got the beat through recording the drummer live and then using a mix of Drumagog and Stylus RMX to beef it up to maximum!

yeh good stuff,singer looks like shaun ryder .

Pretty much PERFECT, if you ask me. Love the songs and especially love the videos.

@wodehouse - thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed it, it’s always a scary thing asking people to look at your music and videos and see what they think!

@firestamper - cheers my man. However I am completely confused by the Shaun Ryder comment! I’m the singer and I don’t think I look anything like Shaun Ryder - I really really hope I don’t! Here’s a pic of me, I hope you were thinking of someone else!

he is looking well at the minute ,but he did have his fat elvis long period,i wasn`t reffering to then .i thought when he was younger,around the time of “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” ,definitely a side on veiw likeness and the haircut.

We shall agree to disagree my good man, otherwise I will need to start saving for some pretty major dental work! is a song and video I made for my pal which I’m really happy with.

Used Garritan strings, Powercore reverb and Liquid Mix, recorded on (of course of course) Cubase and made the video using Final Cut and Motion.

sorry about the shaun comment i meant it in the nicest possible way.good video and track again, acoustic and the strings sound great, loads of depth, very high quality stuff .