Cubase music in my video project.

Feel free to delete this if it’s against some rule I’n not aware of…

I’ve been working on a video project, consisting of photos and my Cubase music, about my history, mainly as a musician. Part I on YouTube:

I’m doing my story in three parts, this is Part I, it’s a bit longish, 20 mins but no-one is under any obligation to watch it all, or any, of course :wink:.


Strange, I swear I posted on this thread last night. The comment was, this thing is fabulous! I loved the music, I loved the guitar playing, and I loved the Cubase Orchestra! Fascinating history as well. I watched and listened to it twice. I was trying to think if you have ever posted music here in the billion years I’ve been on the forum, and I couldn’t think of such a post, although I am probably forgetting. At least, nothing recently. So this is not just great, but momentous. Looking forward to parts II and III. Thank you, Mauri!

Man, you persevered twice through this lengthy project, I’m grateful and happy you liked it, thank you so much for that, and your kind comments :sunglasses: !
I have posted some of these tunes here a long time ago, before the last forum ‘overhaul’, I believe.

Part II is nearing completion…I must say I’m enjoying the experience of doing this project, also proof that old dogs can learn new tricks :laughing: !

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Due to overwhelming public demand Part II is about to hit the ‘Tube’… :open_mouth: :wink:.


I’m waiting!

Part II is up on the ‘Tube’, it’s looong but I hope interesting enough for some of you to bear with… :wink:



Ok, I watched it, and I think I’ll watch it again. Very moving. Loved the music, which became fusion, much appreciated. You’re a great player. Somebody should make a documentary about this. OK, you just did, but I mean a movie!

To return the favour I’ve been listening to bits and pieces of your music on bandcamp and am suitably impressed with the fine body of works there. Excellent musicianship and production skills.

I very much enjoyed the listen :slight_smile:.

And, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my efforts, muchly appreciated!

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Thanks for the kind words, Mauri.

Thank you for taking the time!

“Strange” music? That’s probably 'cause I’m possibly a little strange myself I guess, but I just throw stuff up the wall and whatever sticks I use :wink: .

And as far as listening on low volume, and reading a book, is just fine with me…as long as people don’t hear it as elevator music… :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

Cheers from OZ.

just listened to some of this and i will be back for more ,great stuff.

yes im very impressed the music is great and the mixes sound very good and incredible guitar playing all round, great solos and some of the riffs you play sound very big in their construction .Can we have some more info on who plays on the soundtracks or do you play everything .I enjoyed watching your history in music .After you mentioned Bon Scott i went to check him out on goo-tube while he was in Fraternity ,wow he was an incredible singer ,i think he must have alltered his voice for AC/DC doing away with that big vibrato and sounding more basic or animal but still incredible but of course sadly missed .I went and checked out Headband on the utube from the early seventies, loved it great stuff .I too am looking foreward to pt 3.

That is a very nice video, and the music over it is awesomely created!

The Part I is fantastic. I loved everything about it. I am eagerly waiting for Part II.
Thanks, Mauri for this Music.

Thank you, for checking it out and for your kind comment, here is Part II:



Thanks for taking the time and the kind comments, Part III is on it’s way :slight_smile:!

I program all the VSTi soundtracks by hand in Cubase (doh! :wink: ) the guitar tracks are real, played by me.

Regarding Bon, he really found his place in music with AC/DC and dropped that '60s - '70s ‘art rock’ vibrato thing completely. When he was in the original Fraternity (I was with him in Fraternity MKII) he pretty much sang the songs in the way the ‘senior members’ of the band wrote them. When he left us for the Young brothers he went the full throttle rock’n’roll and all that went with it, such a shame it killed him, he was one of the good guys… RIP mate :cry:

P.S. I witnessed the birth of AC/DC, including Bon, when the Young brothers came to audition him in the cellar/practice room of our band house in which most of us (Fraternity MKII) lived. They jammed on a number of tunes for sometime and Bon scored the gig. The rest is history as they say :slight_smile:.

I like AC/DC ,Any good stories .

Hard rock at it’s best, I always loved the interplay of chord harmonies between the two guitars, surprisingly more intricate than is at first obvious.
My band(s) played many of the same venues they played here in Oz in their early days, mainly large (and small) pubs and clubs. It was good to see one of “us” do so well, and Bon certainly was one of “us”… RIP.