Cubase native plugins not responsive to mouse drags. Wheel of mouse works though

Anyone have any ideas on this issue im having with steinberg bundled plugins not responsive to mouse drag to change parameters? Also my cc121 AI knob doesnt work with same steinberg plugins.
The mouse and cc121 DO work with other plugins like soundtoys, diva etc.
win 7 64bit/cubase 8.5 (yes i know its a system thats aging a bit now but im happy with it)


Was it always like this on your system? Or did it change recently (what has changed on the system then)?

I was using a novation zero sl as a midi controller for a while. I sold the unit/uninstalled the software. That is one change but the only one I can think of. I’ve reinstalled the cc121 software with no change to the problem.
The novation software mapped all vst plugins with something called automap. I’m wondering if this has altered something that hasn’t been adjusted back. But I have no idea what to do as I’ve uninstalled this automap software.


Did you use the dedicated Novation system (is it named Automap?) to control the plug-ins? Do you still use the plug-ins wrapped in the Automap?

I did use automap for a while but didn’t get on with it. As I said, I uninstalled automap and turned off/uninstalled the zero sl.
I would assume this means the vst’s aren’t wrapped in this auto map anymore?


It was probably very stupid and illogical idea. The internal plug-ins were not wrapped anyway…

Have you tried to Disable Cubase Preferences, please?

How do I disable cubase preferences please?

Just googled how to disable preferences. Trying now …

Ok, I disabled preferences but still had the problem.


Could you try to remove/trash the Cubase preferences folder, please? If there are older Cubase versions preferences, rename/remove them too, please.

I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow morning. Will try then and post here the results. Thanks for your input so far, appreciated.