Cubase needs a sampler

Do you need a simple Sampler in Cubase?

  • absolutely YES!!! this would be a big improvement in cubase!
  • no, I use another Sampler, like Kontakt e.g.
  • no, I already use Steinberg´s Halion 4 Sampler
  • no, I hate electronic music and such crazy tools
  • no, I don´t use any software sampler

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…there is an old request…

Almost every other DAW on the market has a sampler included, except for Cubase.

It´s amazing to use recorded audio files and load the sample into the sampler from any place! (like Studio One´s onboard sampler, .e.g.)
simply play a cutted region - pure creativity!
perfect for sounddesigners, musicians, composers, loop freaks, live sessions, etc. etc.
and it´s a very good and easy way to exchange cubase projects (!) without third party plugins…

…what about a light version of Halion 4 Sampler…?
2x ADSR-envelopes, 3 filters (HPF/BPF/LPF), 2 LFOs, WAV/Kontakt/EXS24 import, drag/drop, automapping, crossfadeloop, 16 multitimbral + 16 Outputs (or perhaps similar to StudioOne´s sampler, or EXS24…)

another solution would be to expand Cubase´s HalionSonic SE…

And a very BIG wish since years, of course:
It would be damn nice to have drag/drop regions from the arrange, or .WAV´s from the pool into > Kontakt Sampler (!)



( P.S: @Mods, please don´t throw this topic into the lounge…)

interesting to see how users work with cubase - the trend of the poll is really exciting…


Kontakt is NOT a sampler.

  • 1 !
    correct, it´s only a boring (?) “sample player”… :mrgreen:

I detest the UI of Halion (or rather, did last time I used it at V3), and I don’t think it’s a patch on something like shortcircuit. Creative sampling needs flexible modulation routing, and shortcircuit provides that. If steinberg could produce something like SC, but with its shortcomings overcome, it would be worthwhile. But I wouldn’t desert shortcircuit for anything Halion-related, even if it was free.

Steinberg’s commercial plugins all seem to have horrible, overcomplex UIs - I used the demo version of the halion symphonic orchestra for a while, and that was similarly hideous - it seems to me that the people who design them don’t really spend any time using them. If Halion 4 is drastically different then I stand corrected, but looking at it it seems it’s not, and tbh I can’t be bothered to download the demo to find out; having been stung with steinberg’s previous plugins such as the Grand and other poorly-planned collaborations that turned into dead ends, I will not be hurrying back…

Anyway, I’d rather the time was spent on sorting out things that have been problems since the year dot, rather than re-creating the wheel.

Hi djaychela,
consider, there are so many users they don´t always need all the routings/mappings/modulations and other gigantic options and bombastic slaying features in VSTi´s, samplers, etc.
It´s rather about fast workflow - fix your ideas before your forget your inspiration!
in other words: record(sample) it - and play it! …like in old hardware sampler times (!)
a stripped down simple on board Sampler is a great tool for this - in all daw´s these days…

you can create a sample within cubase ,edit it however you want,then play it back in groove agent , simple

right, but in GrooveAgentOne you can play 1 (one) key note, with only one shot and one fixed pitch sample (!) - per drum pad… … because this is a drum sampler (!) not a “real sampler”. :wink:

what sampler do you recommend?

Hi Matz,

Kontakt is standard these days, and most sample libs will be made ​​for this.
Halion 4 is also great, nice sound and fast handling!
despite all the great possibilities of this great vst-samplers:
all the endless options and big and useful features. this is slaying for many users, because that can stop creativity and workflow - therefore, people mostly use ready-made factory sounds, and immediately playable preset samples and big libraries. That´s a shame. This is not the core of this unit, I think.
Am I right?
So, it would be nice if we had a simple onboard sampler with basic elements (!)
like ADSR, Filter, LFO, and - of course - drag/drop.


whoops ! , sorry mate just me been thick again. :blush:

I know. But there are plenty of options as far as samplers are concerned, from quick and easy to very complex. I can’t see that diverting Steinberg’s attention to making an “included” sampler is a good idea unless it was really good. If it’s like Halion, it’ll be a waste of time, IMO. If it’s just a dead simple sample player then there are free options already.

Just because a plugin gives the advanced options, doesn’t mean that it is not possible to use them without; shortcircuit is an excellent ‘pick a sample and play it’ sampler as well as for complex stuff, and I’ve never found anyone who couldn’t use it quickly and easily (and I say that as someone who teaches Cubase/MT full time).

A build in sampler could (should) benefit from VST3 and Mediabay, in that light I would welcome it.
I for one really like all the Steinberg GUI’s. Especially Halion 4 because of the modular apraoch.
So another reason to go for a Native sampler, so it visually matches the interface.

I have Halion 4 btw, so I entered that in the poll.

Greetz Dylan.

It was a joke, Kontakt is probably the best modular ‘sampler’ on the market right now, complete with its own scripting language. The only functionality it lacks that might make some reconsider its title is a recording feature, but who records directly into a sampler anymore?

+1 !
I agree with that!
Steinberg´s new generation of GUI designs are very comfortable to the eyes, and the buttons, faders etc. are easy to edit. oh, and I love Cubase´s GUI (version 6.x!) more than all the other daw GUI´s on the market.

Mmh, can’t answer the poll since it’s leaning towards the ‘Yes’ answer. But, for the record:

  • NO, I’ll buy a sampler when I need one, I don’t want more bloat in Cubase.

Nice joke, Plasuma :smiley: and I agree with you: Kontakt is the best modular sampler on the market!
I love this tool very much and use it a lot! But… (see above) erm… :wink:

yes, important point!

so… big question:
why Kontakt (and all the other vst samplers these days) has never had the ability to record like a hardware sampler?


There’s a parallel universe where Cubase is entirely comprised of bloat - no sequencer. On their forum, from time to time people ask for a sequencer to be bundled with the bloat. Some users say yes, that would be very useful. Others say no, Beinsterg ought to concentrate on its core bloatedness and not waste time with ancillary software aimed at those who want to record audio or MIDI - after all, not only are there plenty of free sequencers already available, but the charged-for sequencers are far better than whatever Beingsterg would create.

I’m not sure. I’d probably find some use for it and be pleased but as I’ve said before if it’s anything over the very basic (and Cubase generally does an excellent basic) there will be more to pay. While some may regard it as another thing to ask for improvments for after playing with it for a week, others might think it’s another expense for something that they never use because they don’t or they’ve already got a superior product.

It’s best to really discuss whether it’s actually needed or it’s just wanted because product XXX has one. Does anyone have experience of a “product XXX” with a built in sampler that is actually usable? Please chime in.

I don’t want more bloat in Cubase

many years ago not just a few people were envious about Logic´s plugins and effects and synths…
It´s never ever wrong when a daw comes with onboard fx plugins, samplers and synthesizers.
And that is exactly that what today´s new customers → expect (!)