Cubase needs a sampler

More than the sampler, they should improve the audio editing path more than their midi. Midi on cubase is solid compare to any other DAW :mrgreen:

If you wonder the difference between Halion and Halion Sonic:

I think Cubase and Samplitude are the only DAWs where no simple onboard sampler for easy drag’n drop and pitching by note is integrated…

GA is a sampler, and it sounds fantastic. Feature-wise is ofc lacking in many extra features, as well, it won’t easily map your sample to a chromatic layout which you could re-create by adding a pitched version of your sample on each pad. I think it holds many pads also, by scrolling through layers.

But you can’t drop a sample and play it instantly. (of course the one, but you know what i mean)

Couldnt they just add on to GrooveAgent ONE, without creating a whole new…

Sounds like a plan to me… Free too… :slight_smile:

I thought the whole point of that new bundle they do that includes Halion 4 was “Everything in a box” ?

Personally I think so many people use Kontakt, that Steiny should at least allow drag and drop from the mediabay into Kontakt, would be handy tbh.

But yeah, Kontakt user here. I would have used Halion tbh, but I was on a diff DAW and got Kontakt before I came to Cubase, so switching samplers now would be stupid (Especially as I am awaiting my K5 upgrade)

I see your point and I agree. For me it’s part of a bigger workflow problem in Cubase. It needs an overhaul. Steinberg should know that just adding another plug-in won’t help.

I highly doubt it’d be free, though that WOULD be beautiful!. Theyd probably add something to the name like “GrooveAgent ONE Pro”, like they did with Padshop, and charge for it.

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It’s only a workflow problem if you bought it to do that. And if you bought it to do that what were you thinking it would do? And why didn’t you know it didn’t do what you wanted to do with it?
YOU bought it and it’s limitations. IT didn’t force you to buy it.
Make a request by all means but I advise it’s best not to tell the designer they’ve got it all wrong if you didn’t do your reasearch in the first place.
Cubase didn’t create the “workflow problem”. Users create a workflow problem by not thinking about what functions they need before throwing their money at “do it all for you” software.
After all, we’re all creatively rich enough to afford the right tools for the job aren’t we? :mrgreen:

Well, in that case we should certainly refrain from making any feature requests at all. :mrgreen:

Improvements are futile too. :mrgreen:

Still in my wake eh? What a life.
You can certainly make feature requests but bleating about them being some sort of human right is pretty pointless.
As is complaining about what’s not there because that’s what you bought it for. :unamused:

Children’s logic. Don’t you just love it? :mrgreen: They’re sooo cute at that age.

How many “feature requests” and “improvements” are taken up? One or two a decade?
Yes, bad requests are pretty pointless. Who bought Cubase just to make feature requests then? :mrgreen:


@: Cent: hast du den Halion schon probiert? (ich find den viel besser wie Kontakt, wegen workflow…)

It´s about own creative and wild sound design and sampling workflow.

Cubase is basically a RECORDING tool and there are plenty of other programs that allow “wild samplers” :laughing: to flourish.
You want to do a certain job, you don’t buy the wrong tool and then complain about it. :unamused:

Workflow or shirkflow? :laughing:

So am I understanding correctly that you discourage anyone to suggest new features and improvements, because really they just bought the wrong tool? :mrgreen:

And also, that suggesting features and improvements is actually the same as “complaining”? :mrgreen:

should be able to route Midi like Audio, anywhere, unlimited…

I have a view sampler and my absolutly favourite is the Halion, and i use much “plugins” so my .cpr’s usually run only on my system…, so i don’t need a Sampler for “compatibelity”, but I know People that don’t interessted in “Advanced Music Production” they just want to Record, Edit, Mix (there should be humens they hate Synths / unbelievable ) and just use Cubase and love to save and open anywhere, however even they want a simple-sampler that know what it should do…

Yes, you’re not understanding at all.

Suggest by all means but using “suggestions” as an excuse to have a whine that Cubase is somehow stemming one’s “workflow” or “creativity” is boring.
All I see there mostly is “irkflow”.
I have plenty of time for well thought out suggestions and improvements that explain their point to some extent at least but most “suggestions” are just one-liners along the lines of “I want…such and such”.

The real question here is; “I can’t afford the available samplers on the market so can Steinberg build one into Cubase?”

“Cubase needs a sampler.” is just a demand. If you need a sampler to be creative with then just, dare I say this, buy one. You’ll get it tomorrow and won’t need to vex yourself in a USER forum getting nowhere for months.
Probably wouldn’t be included in Cubase Elements anyway.
And if I went with the suggestion anyway I’d poll for an inclusion in Cubase Artist.
There is probably one on the drawing board anyway to include in a later version and if I’m right I will see the same people complaining about it. :mrgreen:

ok, I use Kontakt a lot, yes.
So I personally need drag/drop cutted regions from Cubase arrange (pool/mediabay) to Kontakt (!)