Cubase & New mac os Sonoma Graphic issues :(

Upgraded to mac OS Sonoma and bot cubase and nuendo having majour graphics issues

Cubase does not currently support Sonoma. Several similar posts have already been posted in these forums. You’re only options are to either wait for Cubase to support it (Likely Cubase 13) or downgrade your OS.

I’d like to see these ‘graphic issues’ people are having?? Is it something to do with Steinberg’s plugins or??

I have had no issues with Sonoma and Cubase Pro 12 here, but 98% of the plugs I use are third party… Softube, UAD, SoundToys, Eventide, they’re all working as they did in Ventura as is Cubase. Same with the instruments I’ve used, TAL, U-He, Arturia, Halion, Groove Agent, etc…

Many other posts about this on the forum, plus this support note, so I’ll close this one.


Cubase 13 is officially compatible with macOS Sonoma, now.

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