Cubase new project file browsing problem - is it just me?


I have Cubase 6.5 which is installed on drive C: under Win7 x64. All my audio projects are stored on a separate drive F:

When I open Cubase and choose ‘new project’ or ‘open’ and try to navigate to the file tree on F: it will only show me the last directory it used (and any sub directories). Even though I can click onto the root of drive F: in the navigator, it makes it seem as if there is only one directory on there (i.e. the last one it used). If I navigate to other drives I can see all the folders that are on them as I would expect, but not on the drive I actually want to use.

This is really frustrating and it was the same in AI6, 6 and 6.5 on two different PC systems (I just built a new system). It means just to start a project I have to go outside of Cubase to Windows Explorer to remember what folder structure I have and then go back to the Cubase window and type out the path to the directory I want, instead of just being able to navigate to and click on it.

It can’t just be me having this problem right? Is there a fix for this bug?


Is this through the Project Assistant? If so could be that files referenced are the ones on the path at the bottom of the P.A. dialog box which can be changed. I recommend this if you find that “Project.bak” (backup) files are crowding your C drive.
Archiving could be improved quite a lot though as even modest studios can get bogged down with recording Projects and custom preset settings. In some ways it could be more important than some bug fixes. Like a good set of shelves in the office instead of boxes on the floor.

  1. Open Cubase

  2. New Project > Project Assistant > Prompt for project location > Continue

  3. I browse to F: - I have like 70 folders for different clients on that drive but I can only see the LAST folder Cubase used in the file browsing tree. I click on F: to go to the root of the drive, but it just shows me, for example, folder x57 with subfolders Audio and Images - as if that’s ALL there is on drive F:, when of course it’s not.
    This was the same in Cubase 6 AI, Cubase 6 and Cubase 6.5 on Win7 x64 on two different systems with fresh OS installs and software installs. It’s how it behaves out of the box. In previous versions of Cubase (as with any other sensible program) I could simply browse my hard drive at this point, choose for example folder x45 and start a second project session in there, or start a new folder x70 and so on. But now I can only see ONE folder on the drive - the last one used - and I have to navigate OUTSIDE of cubase using windows explorer to find out what’s on the hard drive. It’s incredibly annoying.

Does anyone know why is it like this?