Cubase newbie in need of help!!!

Hey guys!
I’m real new to this CUBASE program, and I’m running into a few difficulties. Enough to where I didn’t even know what version I had, and originally posted in the wrong forum for help!
So, I’m running Cubase LE8 off of a PC that more than meets the requirements, but I’m running into a few issues.
The issues I’m having are
A) I don’t see a VST Instruments rack next to the Media Bay.
B) I don’t have a “VST 2.X Plug-in Paths” nor any other buttons under the tabs after clicking “Device—> Plug in Information”

I have quoted a part of the old thread I posted which contains a link for a screen shot that could better explain my part B)

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Hello there,

On the left upper side ther is a button for “window layout”. There suppose to be an option vor The Racks. It might be unticked. But as i recall you don’t have the VST Instrument Rack available in LE Versions

Since Cubase 8 you need to set the VST2.x path in the Plugin Manager and not the Plugin Info.