Cubase Newbie Midi reproduction Troubles

first of all excuse me for my poor english as I’m not a native speaker.
I’m using cubase 9.5 ONLY for midi file reproduction as I’m not a musician.
Recently to try to upgrade audio quality I decided (thanks to black friday) to get absolute3.

[Now, before of Halion6 Installation, when i imported a MIDI file even Halion Sonic SE correctly load the GM program.]
Now I’ve installed Halion 6 but always the default selection of Cubase is to load Halion Sonic SE and somethimes… even if i close everything maybe halion sonic se too won’t load any default MIDI GM…

First Question:

  • There’s a way to use by Default Halion 6 with GM programs? (I’ve seeked in previous thread and seems to be noway but maybe with cubase 9.5 something changed)

Then… when i add Halion 6 VST from rack and then i decide to use Halion 6 on a midi track i lost information about the instrument that Halion Sonic Se 2 Basic set load automatically…it’s needed a lot of time to reassign GM instruments… but if the track has a program change with Halion 6 I’m not able to let it recognize it so as in midi file i’m trying to reproduce no way to have it to playback correctly. For example i’f i’ve output with Halion Sonic SE i can read instruments name… maybe “trobone” but as i change to halion 6 “trombone” disappear…

Second Question

  • There’s a way to let behave Halion 6 with GM degfault as Halion Sonic Se 2 Basic set (including program changes)

  • With mediabay, before I was able with rating to decide which instrument has to be loaded for a MIDI Bank but now as with halion 6 i’m not able to playback GM program…

  • I don’t know if this is possible but i would relaly like to create myu 128GM program with Halion 6 replaciung the standard and Fast GM program offered by Halion SOnic SE2 with other instruments and preset that absolute can offer…

    Last issue i’m experiencing with Halion Sonic SE 2: i load the mix console but i’ve not that available in db but in numerical value… for example reproducing strings i’ve channel volume unbalanced if compared with the playback i get with Yamaha S-YXG50 soft synthetizer or with roland SD 50 Hardware (I use those: softsynth and hardware to try to understand the right volume for each channel. That’s because i’m reproducing old midi file and a lot of them where created when Roland sound canvas hardware was one of the best solutions for GM).

Thank you for your help.


Hi and welcome,

  1. No, there is no way, how to set HALion (or any other instrument) as a default instrument while import MIDI. In Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Destination, you can choose MIDI Tracks (then you can easy route it to any VSTi, so I would probably recommend this option to you); Instrument Tracks (always HALion Sonic SE instruments); HALion Sonic SE multi-timbral.

  2. I’m not sure with this, but then you would get the same sounds as they are in HALion Sonic SE, so it doesn’t make sense. Actually, I don’t think, there is this GM library in HALion, so probably it’s not possible. To get the best sounds, you have to load them manually.

But in HALion 6 you can make your own Bank of 128 sounds. So actually you can create your own GM set.