Cubase Newbie needs a hand

Good Evening! I just got Cubase Pro 9.5 yesterday and am trying to record a MIDI track and I can’t for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. I created a new Instrument track, selected Sampletank 3.0 as my instrument and armed record. I’m using a Nektar GX61 MIDI controller, and I hit the keys and I get the sound I want out of Sampletank.

I hit the record button and saw as I was playing the MIDI notes were displayed in the track and I could hear everything fine. As soon as I stopped playback all the MIDI data in the track disappeared.

For the fun of it, I double clicked the track and opened the piano roll editor and clicked in a couple of notes with my mouse and they stay in the track, but actually don’t play during playback.

I’m coming from Sonar and I understand the basics of MIDI, just not sure what part I’ve missed here.

I’ve obviously overlooked something and would appreciate the assist!

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Please make sure you have the latest update installed.

Check Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter. None filter should be enabled in the Playback and Record columns.

If it doesn’t help, try to trash Cubase preferences.

If it doesn’t help, make a video, please. Maybe we will see what you have overlooked (and therefore didn’t mentioned in your post).

Thank you Martin,

I got it working last night, but I’m honestly not sure what I did. There was something checked in my Superior Drummer track that I unchecked and everything started working.

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Thanks all!


Welcome to the forums.

Take a little time and put some information about your system, instruments and specs in a signature. It will help people answer your questions. Youtube is the best way to get some free and paid tutorials. You’ll get it sorted out. Look over your MIDI and Audio set-ups. Cubase Pro can be a bit overwhelming, but, give it time. You’ll grow into it quickly.

Thanks Stephen57,

I took your advice and updated my sig. I have found a wealth of helpful information and tutorials on YT. Thankfully my time with Sonar helps. I especially like the Steinberg channel and how they are constantly uploading videos to the Cubase sub. Unfortunately this was a self inflicted problem, so the ‘how-to’ things I found didn’t offer much but alas I got myself out of it the same way I got into it. Randomly clicking lol. I’m all good for now and about 30% through my first project :slight_smile:

Good that you made a signature, now I can tell you that you will find a drum map for AD2 here: Drum Map for Addictive Drums 2 - #11 by cecchellone - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
Hope you find it useful, I found it yesterday and i am very happy taht I didn’t have to make it myself:)