Cubase Niendo plugs?

Does WaveLab have the stick plugs from Cubase / Nuendo ? Or just vst3

The stock VST plug-ins of WaveLab are different from that of Cubase/Nuendo, though many are identical for both (e.g. SuperVision).
It is important to know that the Plug-in Set files are stored separately and cannot be accessed mutually by both applications, even if you have the licenses for both of them. In general, the number of plug-ins in Cubase/Nuendo is somewhat larger, due to their creative character as DAWs.

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I wonder why we can’t have the basic audio processing plug-ins. Cubase-Nuendo in WaveLab and Spectral layers 11 ?

The reason is I want to batch process some of my sound libraries to burn in the plug-ins I use on different instruments,

Since moving over from Logic, I have tried not to use too many third-party plug-ins which means I’m stuck When it comes to processing

The majority of Cubase and Nuendo plugins are also present in WaveLab 12… but not all. Sometimes, they are added after a certain time. Maybe WaveLab 13 will have more plugins from Cubase 13.

I have a dream…
A common VST3 plug-in library for all Steinberg applications (Cubase, Nuendo, Dorico, WaveLab, SpectraLayers). Owning a license for at least one of these applications is sufficient to use the universal Steinberg VST3 plug-in library. In addition, this license also allows unrestricted use of Steinberg VST plug-ins in third-party hosts.
Ok, as I said, just a dream… :sleeping:

In an ideal world you would be able to use the same presets across all apps :ok_hand: