cubase ninja aka the workflow boosting mixer macros vs C7


here’s a short video demonstrating the use of some macros based on various other people’s macros, customised myself for the purpose of changing what channels are visible in the mixer on-the-fly. the video makes it pretty clear i hope; in short, what i’m doing is bringing up my mixer (the mixer #3) and having it show only the channels i have currently selected in the arrange. it also works by simply selecting different events on various channels. the mixer will then again show up with only the channels those selected events were on (this works for group-type channels as well). it is an immensely powerful tool especially with high track counts in a project.

now, i’m wondering if anybody would be able to tell me whether the cubase7 mixer and its new settings regarding the visibility of channels are also keycommand-controllable, or if the only way to configure what’s currently visible is by manually clicking the toggle icons in the leftmost area of the new mixer (hopefully this is not the case).

(basically if the keycommandable functions still list these…: mixer - command target: selected only; mixer - channels: can hide: clear; mixer - channels: can hide: set.)


Command Target and Channel Visibility are gone in c7. The key assigning possibilities in the new mixer are severely limited. I’m patiently waiting for the upcoming update while preparing to rage all over the forum if the additional key commands are not implemented.

where was this video 2 years ago! :frowning: this looks handy I diddnt know this was possible

ah bummer, well hopefully cubase 14 will be unbroken again, staying with 6 until then or see if presonus lure me in. I can show you how to implement the macro in a separate thread / video
I have many more power macros that make me faster than anyone. :wink:

lukasbrooklyn if you’re talking about Macro Scheduler, that’s what I’m doing right now :slight_smile:
But I’m a total newbie at it so any how-tos would be appreciated.

what you can see in the video is executed exclusively ‘in the box’ using cubase’s own macro capabilities (as accessed via the file > keycommands menu).

i do however use an external macro scheduling software (autohotkey - it’s free and silly powerful) for tasks that are not controllable natively (i may automate a mouse movement and click, this way i for instance automate on the fly pitching of audio events which is not otherwise assignable to a keycommand inside cubendo).

i just work my way around the debilitating deficiencies of the software (seriously, don’t you sometimes think it was time for the app’s complete rewrite from the ground-up? anyway…).

it would be greatly appreciated if you let me know how things are looking after the update in this department, thanks!

lukasbrooklyn I don’t see any changes for the better, however I don’t care anymore because there are third party programs that allow you to automate any actions ( autohotkey for example), the obvious downside is hours of learning required to use them, but the result is much better and more flexible macros than Cubase will ever have.

I am using autohotkey for some next level automation, but I can’t think of a way to achieve what I’m showing in the video… Do you have any particular ideas?

Lol I forgot it’s you who told me about autohotkey in the first place, absentmindedness at its best. About the video, It can be implemented in C7 with autohotkey using Cubase commands “show all channels”, “show only selected channels” and “hide selected channels”

“show only selected channels” - that’s a great new feature no c7 user has mentioned to me existed, ta.

good stuff!

…lukas you arent by chance based in prague / czech rep? your nickname resembles a talented producer I used to know on AIM years ago

yup. as seen in the steps below, i’m using mixer #3 for this, so that #1 and #2 are still free to display whatever is most convenient. note the default state of ‘hide channels set to “can hide”’ on the mixer needs to be ON. ‘track selection follows event selection’ is also handy to have on-- that way, you can click (or shift click) on a bunch of events; as you click on them, the channels those events reside on get selected, and then when you fire off the macro, only those channels get brought up in the mixer.

devices - mixer 3
mixer - hide: can hide

(note: these are redundant dummy operations, i’ve found newer versions of cubase worked fine without these. the commands used to execute one before the other, so these are traditionally used to insert some empty cycles and slow down the process)
midi quantize - select prev quantize
midi quantize - select next quantize

mixer - command target: all channels
mixer - channels: can hide: set
mixer - command target: selected only
mixer - channels: can hide: clear
mixer - hide: can hide

these working for ya bredo?

hmm what would that do?

ah, i see. i think i could macro that using a dummy marker.


lol yeah jussi?? i thought you abandoned us cubase lowlives.

this comes late but YES!! i never uninstalled Cubase i just took a few years’ detour with practically every other daw there is. I’m fooling around with the idea of coming permanently back to Cubase now… I just need to finish one killer track on this and I’m back :slight_smile:

Love your advice on here L and would also love to hear what you’ve been cooking up the past years (probably a whole lot of awesome!)



ahh glad to hear, sorry for OT! you can make the hot stuff happen in any daw clearly so it don’t matter! but glad you’re finding these useful. big things for 501, a superstar indeed!