cubase ninja - pro tools-style trim automation macro

Anybody on MAc can confirm it worked?


No success here.
Creating the automation event delete the first one.

mmm I can’t find how to add this line in Cubase 7

function - select


Thanks! Now It’s working :smiley:

glad you got that working!

I wanted to do this for so long…This should have been implemented into cubase for years, this will save me thousands of clicks per day!!
i am so amazed by the demo video, i almost cried!!!
Can’t wait to try this!

infine thanks to you guys!

It isen’t perfect but it works!
Thanks again!

all good! working on more workflow-enhancing ‘hacks’, hopefully will post some of it soon.

I have been wishing to be able to do this for a long time.

Having a problem with the PLE script. I’m looking at the Project Logical Editor, and I don’t see “inside cycle”.

Looking forward to trying this. Logic also has this as a standard feature. Very useful.

Hey everyone, I can’t get this to work. Anyone want to post their “keyboard shortcut” file they created? …I REALLY want to get this to work!


ok, I’ll give it another go at it :slight_smile:


There’s something changed in the last Cubase Versión (0.6? ) for some reason I can’t make this function :frowning: the first automation point is always missing.

…never mind… is working now :confused:

Hi all !
I´have never worked with macro´s before and is pretty new on this.

I have a newbe Q about the macro…
You´re talking about the PLE script ? , how do I do that ?
As I understand it, I have to do a script and put it in the “process project logical editor” map
and then add that to the macro ?

Really need a guide here :wink:

Me too, “inside cycle” is nowhere to be found in PLE here…

Edit: Found it, I was trying to find it in the bottom of PLE, but it’s in the top section…

glad you’re finding this useful. there’s still a ‘workaround’ feel to it for obvious reasons, so with that and the amount of views this is getting in mind, here’s hoping SB will listen and implement natively some of this stuff i’ve been suggesting. (i know, haha.)

Well after some reserch I figured it out :slight_smile:
one thing though !
In the script there is “//” what does that mean ? is that for leaving “action target” blank or what ?

Oooo Thanx Bredo :slight_smile:
Yes, that helped. now I just have to get it right. :slight_smile: Right now I just copied my automation and draged it
to another place.
Hopefully I´ll get it right someday :wink:
Thanx !

So I tried to program this very micro in Cubase 6.5 and 7.06 and sadly it did not work. The Selection was getting lost somewhere in the mix and I was getting inconsistent results.
However I did program this shortcut with Quickeys where I’m automating keyboard shortcuts - and it’s working great.
Here are my steps:

  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Locate Selection End
  • Nudge +1 Frame
  • Right Selection Side to Cursor
  • Locators to Selection (this step is here on purpose)
  • Locate Selection
  • Left Selection Side to Cursor
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Select - In Loop

Thanks guys for initially figuring this out. This is one of the features I with was built in to Cubase, and is something that is very, very useful in ProTools. This will save me a lot of clicking!!!

I quoted this here:
Hope that’s cool…