cubase ninja: vertical zoom using alt+mousewheel

so i’m sharing my vertical zoomer hack for cubendo (PC only).

what this does is it allows vertical zooming using alt+mouswheel up or down.

currently, cubendo only allows assigning a keyboard-based keycommand for zooming vertically.

personally, from using other DAWs, i am used to zooming vertically using the mousewheel plus a key modifier.

this is something i tailor-made for my own purposes, but since i saw other people requesting this feature on the forum, i thought i’d share my code with you.

the actual setup of this is not entirely straightforward, and i can definitely see how it may put some users off. there’s just no easier way until steinberg implement this natively… but if this function is crucial to your workflow (perhaps you’re used to it from… well just about any other DAW), i think you will find the effort was worth it.

the setup (theoretically a one-time thing that should keep working once set up):

1/ if you don’t already have a virtual midi port installed in windows, install one. there are a number of free solutions like midiYOKE or loopMIDI. i’m using loopMIDI, you can get it free of charge here:
install it and create one virtual MIDI port, like so (see pic below):
(you may be required to reboot at this point, i can’t remember anymore…)

2/ in cubase, go to devices > device setup > remote devices, click the + button and add a new generic remote.
set it up like so (copy all the settings exactly as seen on the picture below):

(cubendo behaves a little funny when setting up generic remotes. i suggest hitting apply and restarting cubase, then checking back that your newly setup generic remote is still there after the cubase restart.)

3/ download my compiled code here:

copy the files into any directory on your HDD.

possibly include the ‘cubendo_vertical_zoom.exe’ file in your windows’ auto run afterwards, if you plan on using it, so it’s really ‘set-it-and-forget-it’.

one last step before running the program: run the attached “installed_MIDI_devices_numbers.exe”. this will just display all the MIDI devices present in the system and their corresponding number. find among them the loopMIDI port you just installed, and write its corresponding number into the “!setup.txt” file that was included in the .zip you just downloaded (ie. change the 5 in the MidiDevice=5 to the correct number). this is to ensure that you’re sending the MIDI messages to the correct MIDI device (and not to your audio interface’s MIDI ports for instance).
4/ that’s it. run cubase and enjoy alt+mousewheel vertical scrolling.

NB: in case you later remove or add MIDI devices in your system, the ID assigned to your virtual midi port may shift, so you’d need to adjust for that in the !setup.txt.

obviously this is offered as-is, i don’t have much time to address any queries or troubleshoot, but in case this has worked for you and you’re fininding it useful let me know (and send the cash - duh).

i have added the option of ‘pinch - zooming’ using the mousewheel + keymodifier to my own macro. this has not been included in the .exe above; if someone needs it, i can upload it as well.

see it in action in video below. i am using alt+control+mousewheel for what is essentially a horizontal and a vertical zoom in/out triggered by a single mousewheel move. notice the zoom vertically zeros-in on the selected channel, and horizontally on the project cursor – so you end up zooming in exactly on the area where you’re currently working.

pinch-zoom using mousewheel+modifier key video:>&s=8#.VNi_YfmjO3E

Hey thanks man! It’s working.
I’d just add a few instructions about setting up the remote controller parameters.

good to hear.

i’m not sure what exactly you mean by details on setting up the GR. is it maybe i took it for granted people knew how to add entries in the GR? i’d just suggest looking up a youtube tutorial on just that if that’s the case, i don’t want to spend time on it.

I was so happy when i found that post but the link for the Code doesnt work… :confused: Would it be possibe for you to reupload the file ?? Thanks man :wink:

i’ve been receiving PM requests regarding the code i posted above-- i am currently on holiday, and will try to address some of them as i come back later this week.

any News on how we can get your Little gem :wink:

yeah man that code would be super helpful!
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey man!

Could you possibly do an updated version of this for Cubase 9.5? You’d help me out SO MUCH! I REALLY need this!

Thank you.

Can you reupload the files please? I’m using nuendo 8.

link to code isn’t there anymore. :frowning:. Sounds like this is close to Adobe Premiere Pro’s GUI which is awesome. If your mouse is hovered above a track, the alt+mousewheel changes the track height. Use shirt instead and now you change heights for ALL tracks. Best I’ve used.