Cubase no sound on many East West Opus instruments

This issue began early October with Cubase 12, and continues into Cubase 13.
When I record using East West Opus it records fine and when I play back certain instruments, not all mostly strings, there is no sound out. I spent 2 hours plus with East West Tech support, thinking it was there product. Later it occurred to me that I have never tried other DAWS. There is no issue with Pro Tools or Logic Pro. only Cubase. It worked fine over the summer. So an update or something changed in Cubase 12 and then migrated on t Cubase 13.

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Try to change the Buffer Size, please. In this case even decreasing it sometimes helps.

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I think this helped, I also reset all of the MIDI preferences, your tip led me to think about that. Now I see no issues, and I can now complete my school project.

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Thank you, thank you.

This along with resetting Midi