Cubase - 'no valid license found'.

I have installed Cubase, and have entered the license activation code, it registered successfully, I exited the process; upon trying to open Cubase LE Elements 9.5 I receive the window saying ‘no valid license found. the program will quit now’. Upon trying to re-enter my code, via the ‘start license activation’ tab, I’m told that the code has already been used (hahaha). Can anyone point in me in the direction I’ve gone wrong/what I have missed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this…

Make sure you have the latest eLicenser software installed. In you are running on a Windows PC then set it to run as administrator. Open it and run the maintenance routine.

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Possibly though, you’re trying to launch a different program than the one you have a license for.

I also face the same problem. Maybe, we need a technical person from Steinberg to help us.


older topic but did anyone manage to solve it? I’m struggling with exactly the same problem now for 2 weeks and My Steinberg support doesn’t answer at all :frowning:

The answer generally is that you are trying to run a product you don’t have a license for. Look in the Elc to see what license you have, and make sure you are running that product. Certainly this is not a 2-year-old unsolved issue, so I’ll close this topic.

If you need to post a new message be sure to include a screen shot of your Elicenser Control Center so people understand what’s happening there.