Cubase noob - Plugin Manager not retaining custom Collection

Just like the thread title says. Is there some magic save button I’m overlooking? I have built and rebuilt my custom Collection twice. I exit the plugin manager, the current project shows my collection, seems fine. Then I close Cubase, and when I reopen the same project all I have is the default settings. It’s very frustrating. I’m wondering if this is some more Windows 10 permissions shenanigans. No matter how many different ways I try to establish myself as an administrator, and run my DAWs as administrator, there always seems to be some problem based on writing to Program Files/Program Data/AppData, etc.

Does Cubase possibly close with an error message? User settings get saved on quitting Cubase, if there’s an error, they are not present the next time…

Yeah, that must be it. About half the time it closes I get the “Cubase has stopped working” message. Thanks for the insight. I guess I’d better figure out how to avoid this.

Thanks for your help, sir.

Edit: actually it crashes every time. Even if I open Cubase, don’t load a project, and close it right back up. Bummer.

Update - Running in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and/or 8 seems to solve the problem of crashing on exit every time. Now it’s more like one in ten times it crashes. At any rate, I managed to get it working long enough to configure my plugin manager, which is the most pressing matter at the moment

I am also having problems with the Plugin manager remembering my custom collections. I’m pretty sure this behaviour has started since switching to windows 10 because this was working OK on Windows 7.

I have made 2 custom plugin collections but on closing and re-opening Cubase, they do not get saved, so all my work setting them up is lost. My custom lists show up in Cubase as I make them, so they do work, until I close Cubase, then they vanish.

Cubase crashing on exit is a new thing I’ve also noticed on switching to Windows 10 but this only happens maybe 40% of the time. I make my custom plugin lists with no project loaded to avoid any plugin/project releated crashes, so that Cubase has a chance to write my new plugin collections in the “PluginManager.xml” file on a successful exit.

Even If Cubase closes properly, with no crash, the plugin lists I make do NOT get saved in the PluginManager.xml. If I look at the contents of that file whilst editing/adding my custom lists, it shows as empty (see below)

If it’s the case that Cubase only populates this xml file with data on the successful closure of Cubase, then I would expect my lists to be saved here if Cubase closes normally, but they don’t.

Anyone else experiencing this? What could be causing this?


I copied an older PluginManager.xml file from my old Windows 7 install and pasted it over the new one and all the old plugin lists worked.

As an experiment, i manually added new plugins by editing the PluginManager.xml by hand. All plugin lists and plugins added by this method worked, but any additions or edits I made to thoe lists from within the Cubase manger were NOT saved.

Finally, I experimented with running Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility mode, and that worked! ALL additions/edits made to custom plugin list whilst running Cubase 8.5 in Windows 8 compatibility mode work (and Cubase doesn’t crash on exit).

Why can’t Cubase write to the PluginManager.xml file in when running on Windows 10???

Looks like you figured it out. I was going to suggest compatibility mode. That’s what I was doing to save my Plugin Manager configuration before SB support helped me solve the crash on exit problem. The only reason it wasn’t a viable solution for me is because I use a lot of Izotope plugins and compatibility mode causes very laggy GUIs with those plugs. So be on the lookout for it - if you’re having problems with some plugins, it might be that.