Cubase Noob requires assistance!

Hello all! I have been trying to troubleshoot two issues since I used my code and downloaded Cubase Elements 12.

  1. Groove Agent SE5 is not working. When I try and select something in it, a seperate window pops up with the message “No Licence Found”. I have an eLicence.
  2. I’m using the Focusrite Scarlett solo as my interface for recording audio(Guitar and Vocals). But when I press record, nothing gets recorded and theres no audio coming through my laptop speakers. Do I need headphones or external speakers to hear audio/playback? Both input and output are connected to the Focusrite(no other options show up - not even my laptops internal speakers. However, when Focusrite is not being used/plugged in, my laptops internal speakers do show up as an option for output).

If anyone can help me even with the no audio/speaker problem at least, I’d be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

Are you on PC or Mac?

Unless you’re on a Mac and using an aggregate device, then this is expected.
Cubase can only work with one audio driver at a time. If you have selected the Scarlett as your interface, you would have to use the outputs on that interface. Your laptop speakers do not connect to the Scarlett.

Did you follow the manual when setting up your interface?

Ahhhhh so I do need headphones/or external speakers connected to the Focurite!? That makes sense seeing as there was no other output option. I greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you so much.