Cubase / Nord / Sustain (help ?)

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i think this is quite a basic question so i would guess someone on here can answer it without too much confusion. i am still relatively new to Cubase so am encountering a few problems along the way. i am using a Nord Stage keyboard and playing it (via midi) into Cubase Artist 6 (thru a Midi Sport 2x2, because the Nord does not transmit midi via USB).


When i have the ARRANGER page open in Cubase (ie. the page were you do all the recording) obviously there is a list of all the tracks of which i have recorded so far, no problem. Now, if i create a MIDI TRACK (to record in Midi info) i can press RECORD on Cubase, play my Nord in, and all the Midi info will be recorded. Again, no problem.

However, lets say i have 3 x MIDI TRACKS. Two have already been recorded on (say, using HALion), and one i am about to record on with the Nord. When i press the SUSTAIN PEDAL on the Nord it turns ON/OFF the MUTE/SOLO switche(s) on TRACK 1 (ie. the top track on the main arranger page). This also happens if the top track is an AUDIO track. It only affects which track is at the very top of the Arranger page.

i am happy to offer more info if anyone needs it. But basically my question is the Sustain Pedal on the Nord is triggering the Mute/Solo switche(s) on the very first track (both Midi or Audio) at the top of the Arranger page.

Sustain (i thought) was set to CC-064 by DEFAULT ?? So therefore i am not sure why it is triggering a totally different parameter (such as MUTE/SOLO in this instance) ?? !! :open_mouth:

Would be great if you could help me out please.



Hi guys,

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Nobody’s helping you because this has been covered more times than I can count.

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Please see :-

Which is where i am continuing this discussion as it has already been touched upon here.