Cubase not autosaving properly & constantly freezing

hi all,

Cubase 12 freezes on me daily. It’ll either instantly force close, or freeze & become unresponsive — while my computer is still completely useable. .

Can anyone help me out? Auto-save never seems to work properly either. Ive heard autosave doesn’t work if the project is playing – that ridiculous imo – & There are a few times that I feel like Cubase hasnt saved at all as well.

To be honest, if you are having problems with the autosave feature which it’s self will cause your system to stutter if not configured correctly i would turn off the autosave and learn to save at certain points of your project . Ive never used autosave for these sorts of issues from the early days , it doesn’t take long to train your brain to save

thanks for the recommendation,

I paid for Cubase pro to make use of its features, not to work around them. It’s a shame because I love cubase but there always seems to be one issue or another. AutoSave for me is important because Cubase crashes a lot & I make a lot of revisions to my songs. I do manually save, the autosave is a life saver now and then though