Cubase not bouncing insert automation in offline mode?

I’m having a weird issue that has me very worried. For example, I have the following setup in a project:

  1. VST Instrument Rack with Vienna Ensemble Pro hosting a Kontakt instrument.
  2. A midi track triggering this instrument
  3. A separate audio input (3/4) for this instrument
  4. A distortion plugin with automation for the mix knob.

When I playback this track in the project it plays back correctly every time. However, when I exported the mix in offline mode, cubase did not read the automation at all! If I rebounce in realtime, it works and the automation is read.

Any idea what is going on? Is this a possible bug? I’m running the demo of 8.0.20. I rely on offline bouncing for doing multiple stem exports in one go, so this is a bid deal for me. Going to check real quick if the same thing happens in 7.5

edit: Same issues in 7.5. Offline bounce is not bouncing the plugin insert automation for this track. Any ideas? Again read automation is on and it always works during playback. Realtime bounces read the automation fine, but for whatever reason offline offline bounces are not.

Hmm, tried the same thing with a Built in cubase plugin and it works fine. Tried with a different 3rd party plugin and it works fine. Looks like its a plugin specific issue.

Are you using Virgin Territories with your automation? I’ve heard of some bounce issues when this is used.

I’m an automation junkie and I don’t have any issues at all when I do offline bounces (which is daily!). I don’t use Virgin Territories though.