Cubase not capturing all midi notes

Hello everyone,

I searched around the forum and did several hours of testing before posting this, so here goes.

A while after upgrading to Version 9 (I hadn’t bought one since 5) all of a sudden I can’t record midi any longer. When I play notes, I am having two issues:

  1. Timing/sync seems to be off or erratic
  2. Cubase is dropping (or not capturing) certain key presses.

It COULD be that maybe CB isn’t sending note off, I’m not sure, but the drops are occurring before polyphony should have been reached. Playback of already recorded midi is synced and works perfectly. After pressing one or more singles keys down several times (getting out-of-sync notes) it will skip a few, then start again. Looking at the little round “midi plug indicator” it will blink off and on when it’s skipping notes but glow more steadily when it isn’t.

Apologies for the rough description… I’m a novice when it comes to midi problems in Cubase and have never had to deal with one like this despite using sequencers for 15+ years.

I’m using a Line 6 KB37 sound card/keyboard, 64 bit windows on an up-to-date system (performance-wise). The only USB units plugged in are the license dongle, my KB37, mouse and keyboard.

Any tips appreciated.