Cubase not charge Halion when Import Midi Track setting on Tracks Instrument

When I import a midi track, if I choose Halion Multitimbral it works. If selected TRACKS INSTRUMENT does not load Halion Sonic SE on any track.
I would like to understand how to reset this speech or fix it. I also tried reinstalling Halion but it doesn’t work.


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

When i use the “Disable preferences” in safe mode, not work


Do you mean the result is the same? So the sound has not been loaded?

The VST does not load it. Manually it works correctly. If I import the midi, it doesn’t work


Can you reproduce it with any MIDI file? Would you be willing to share the file (via PM)?

Let me explain: it is useless to share the file because any GM midi file does not load any sound in tracks instrument mode. While in multitimbral it works. If I use midi tracks I take the WSgetable directly and it works. The problem is not the file but cubase in track instrument mode. It used to work correctly. The problem arose after uninstalling the Halion 6 demo.
Despite upgrading from cubase 10.5 to 12, the problem remained. Surely it is a configuration problem or file missing in the system related to the track instrument mode.

GIORGIA - IL CIELO IN UNA STANZA(m-live)(1).mid (46.0 KB)


I can confirm this.

Interesting is, you can see the name of the sound “is loading” message, while importing the project.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks, I’m waiting for a solution to fix the problem