Cubase not creating backups of projects?

Well, somewhere along the line I apparently have deleted my vocal takes for a section of my song. “Hey, no problem, I’ll just load a backup.” And thats when I discovered that even though I have my “maximum backup files” set to 20, it looks like these backup files are only created when Cubase autosaves a project, and NOT when you manually save it.

Is there a way to get it to actually save backups when I manually save? I had autosave off for a while as I thought it was contributing to my occasional crashes. It would be nice if backups were saved every time I hit the save button, not just when cubase autosaves every hour.

My understanding is that “save” and “save as” save the project as it is within the cpr file. The back-up files are a bit like a restore point offering the possibility of creating a new cpr file, as when you reload a project and asks if you want to choose a more recent file.

Was just wondering if the ‘Track Versions’ feature in Cubase might help avoid this problem.

Other than that, I’ll agree with silhouette about using “save as”.

There’s another option too. Save Incremental Version, Ctrl-Alt-S (I think). Recently they’ve also added a new menu item for this too. I automatically adds a number at the end of your filename and automatically increments it each time you save incrementally again. Very useful for quick saves when you’re deep in the middle of doing things and don’t have time to use the SaveAs.

Also, if you’ve done vocal takes then you can either look in the Trash folder of the Pool and drag them back (move to Origin to hopefully get them to go exactly back to where they were on the time-line). Or, if they’re not in the pool then you might find them in the Audio sub-folder in the project folder.


Auto save is causing crashes? Is this a common issue? I still use 7.5, and auto save became markedly slower with that upgrade…

No this is not common, but I have seen it a few times. And the solution was different in each case, like a corrupt installation, or a rogue plugin, in one case a hybrid drive.

I had a problem years ago with autosave creating corrupted backups which wouldn’t open, and also autosave used to stop working, i.e. no backups created. That’s mainly why still I use auto-increment save or SaveAs to do it the manual way. I think the culprit would have been a plugin but I never found out which and I’ve not had this problem for a long while. I did have a nightmare session the other day on the latest version but that was due to realtime export, a thread for another day :slight_smile: