Cubase not detecting/ monitoring any sound- Help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, I have installed Cubase AI Elements on my Windows 10 laptop which came free with my interface. I have also downloaded and activated the latest driver corresponding to my M-Audio M-Track 2X2 Audio Interface. At first, I thought my inputs and outputs were wrong but I fixed them and am pretty sure that they are correct, although I’m not sure. When I plug my Audio Interface into my PC and click monitor and record, it isn’t showing any sound coming through if that makes sense. Please note that this is my first time ever using all this fancy equipment. I have a mic plugged into my interface and phantom power is on. Also, I have a pair of headphones connected to my interface and sound is coming through on them-As in, if i talk into my mic, my voice is coming through my headphones fine but Cubase isn’t monitoring/ detecting it. It’s probably a rookie mistake but I’m new to all this recording stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley: If I haven’t provided enough information, feel free to ask for whatever you need.

Welcome… :slight_smile:

Some general ideas…

1- The MAudio audio interface (AI) is not set to some kind of direct monitoring?
2- In the Cubase VST Audio system you have chosen the ASIO driver for your MAudio AI?
3- In your Cubase vst connections you have the connection where you are plugging the mic in on the MAudio set up as a mono input bus?
4- In your Cubase vst connections you have the connections where you have your monitors plugged in set up as the main stereo output bus?
5- In the Cubase audio track (inspector section) you have the input bus set to be the mono input bus set up in step 2?
6- In the Cubase audio track (inspector section) you have the output bus set to be the main stereo output setup in step 4?
7- You have the volume (gain) knobs on the MAudio set high enough to send a signal to Cubase?
8- The audio track and the main stereo out gain sliders in the Cubase mixer are set high enough?

Try those. Hopefully you missed something. Report back if ok or you need more assist.

Regards :sunglasses:

Tried all these, nothing is working. Thanks anyways. I think I’m just gonna get a new interface