Cubase not found for a brief period after replacing hard drives - expected?

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Caution, numpty questioner asking numpty question about hard drives and how computers work below … :sweat_smile:

I just upgraded my audio drive from a hard disk to a 2 TB Samsung SSD, and my OS drive from a 250 GB Samsung SSD to a 1 TB one. The new audio drive has the same name (“E://”) as the old one.

When I clicked on Cubase to start it, nothing happened … a little spinning icon like “Hold on a moment!”, then nothing.

My thought at that time was that I possibly didn’t transfer from my audio drive a key component needed to run Cubase (the .exe file is on the OS drive, and my projects are on the audio drive). So I went looking for the Cubase exe (in retrospect, in all the wrong places), and indeed couldn’t find it. At that point I went to run the Steinberg Download Manager, it said it needed to be updated first so I said OK, but then before it finished the download I cancelled by hitting the Cancel button because I didn’t want to change anything from my very happy Cubase 11 set up previously.

I went to Add/Remove programs, found Cubase 11, clicked “Modify”, went through a dialog or two, but hit “Cancel” before actually doing anything.

At that point … I was confusedly happy to find that Cubase 11 opened up like normal, and seems to be working like normal during initial use!

My question I guess is … does changing the OS drive and Audio drive initially confuse Cubase so that it can’t find the .exe file? Did my mucking around somehow point Cubase to the right place?

Thanks for any help in understanding all this!

Thank you!

There are tools for the task to transfer everything from one drive to another… with a reason…

The system maintains data about the drive, and it’s content. (search database)
With a new drive, this data isn’t available and has to be created during runtime. This takes time and slows everything down.

That confuses the whole system. It takes time to find everything.

This is a simplified and generalized answer. It is much more complicated in reality.

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Ok, thx for that info, @st10ss .

It waa definitely a big uh-oh when Cubase wouldn’t start initially.

I wonder if there is any way to send the computer on a find mission overnight, so i don’t have these problems when I’m actually using a program for the first time after the hard drive swap?

When you swap storage drives the system has do the indexation all over again, even when the copied data is the same. This is not to be confused with the Windows file indexation, here it is a drive thing only. A particular file is not necessarily at the same physical place on the drive, and the OS doesn’t know where it should start reading from. Here the opening of Cubase was taking a long time because it was trying to retrieve where the projects and samples etc were stored, but didn’t know where to start reading precisely. It then started reading from the start of the disk until the folders were found, then indexed their location.


Also very helpful, @Louis_R , thank you.