Cubase not getting any input from Audiobox interface

I have an issue with cubase not getting any input despite it saying that my inputs and outputs are active. It worked once randomly but never again. I’m working on windows which makes the issue even worse because there always seems to be some invisible problem. When I’m using my guitar plugin standalone it receives audio with the same asio. I’m at a complete loss

Few questions and inquiries :

  • Could you make a screenshot of your Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel and post it here ?
  • Are you sure of the routing of your involved audio track(s) (a screenshot would also be welcomed) ?
  • Additionaly : do you have an activity in the Audio performance meter ?

Funny enough it just started working again but the audio crackles until i change the buffer its fine. Before it wasnt any activity on the meter. I half think its just my computer booting up thats causing the issue but I’d like to know why that is in the first place. All the screenshots are same as when there wasnt any sound

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Just a comment : I wouldn’t set the overall latency at such a so low value ; it uselessly strains your setup. Even with a RME driver, I stay at 128 samples : at both this value and a 44.1 kHz sampling frequency, it’s as if my guitar amp was at one meter from me…

Yeah that makes sense. Thanks man :call_me_hand: