Cubase not loading velocity compression (MIDI Modifiers) for Instrument Channels

In the attached video, you can see me creating 2 channels. One MIDI and one Instrument channel, and then tweaking the Velocity Compression in the MIDI Modifiers properties.
After saving the project and reloading, the values for the MIDI channel works as expected, but the one in the instrument channels gets back always as 100%

The instrument channel though, sounds as if compression is being applied, it’s only the value on the UI that’s wrong and misleading, as it’s not possible to know what or if any compression is being applied on the channel.
This is just demonstrating the issue on a reduced project, but I started using this feature more and more on some big templates, and now I have not much idea of what’s going on in some channels.

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Hi @arieln,

really interesting, and I was able to reproduce this in CPro11. Behaves exactly as you say:

(Instrument Tracks only - Inspector - MIDI Modifiers: Vel. Comp., Len. Comp.)

  • 2 visual parameters (manual value changes): changed percentage values not retained after having reloaded the project (both are switched back to 100%)
  • 2 parameter changes to track (manual value changes): former changes (audibly) retained after having reloaded the project

I’m not sure if things are supposed to be that way, since MIDI tracks seem to behave as expected.
Perhaps you can open a support ticket (perhaps plus phone call) and ask if the devs might want to take a closer look.


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Thanks @Markus_Leuthel for confirming the issue and adding more details to it!.

Unfortunately, maybe due my time-zone or country, I don’t have options to open a support ticket directly to Steinberg, it just sends me to a general page for distributors in other countries :confused: so, if anyone can help with that, it would be appreciated.
As it is right now, I think this is the only channel for me to communicate and report issues.

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Can anyone at Steinberg please confirm this?.

The values won’t get carried when duplicating tracks either.