Cubase Not Looping Properly - Inconsistent / Ends Short.

Listen Here:

It only plays right on the first play, first loop is off. CPU performance seems fine. RAM set at 512.

Some more information.

I reset the mixer removing all plugins to check it wasn’t a plugin creating a processing delay, it’s not.

I actually picked out this loop from a project a long time ago and just came back to it now, I’m pretty sure this problem didn’t occur when I orignally looped this which would have been in Cubase 8 or 8.5 I’m almost certain of this because, if such an issue occurred - I would have noticed and tried to fix it as I wouldn’t have been impressed with the sound of the loop, or though I’d made an editing error.

It seems that just moving the loop content better onto the grid, fixes the problem

Orig loop off grid:

orig loop pasted to bar/beat1:

A loop should be able to loop anywhere though, shouldn’t it?

Anyone else?

This is a bug of 9.5.40
Check if on 9.5.30 is fixed

Does Steinberg not have a benchmark test of basic necessary features they implement prior to each update release? :confused: