Cubase not opening any of my Cubase 7.5 files

Just switched over to 8 and tried to open my 7.5 files. I get an error that the files were made in Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 8 cannot open them. Has this been discussed elsewhere. If so can you point me in the right direction.

I have similar problems. I can open the files but they refuse to play and sound…

That’s odd. You might want to submit a support request on My Steinberg. I’ve opened both 7 files in 8 and 8 files in 7 and both played fine (except of course new C8 features disappear in 7). I have noticed on occasion that the VST Connections for the input and output channels gets lost when switching versions, which might be what fatjac is experiencing. Creating a preset for your connections and then reloading it resolves that issue. But the files should open fine. You might try disabling your 3rd party plug-ins to see if they are causing problems.

I can open projects fine that are made using Cubase sx3 and up, very strange.

I still get the error when trying to open files from 7.5 to 8. I get an error 98% of the time. I have no problem opening C7 or lower in 8. It is just anything I create in 7.5.

What is the error actually saying?

Also it is useful to provide the specs for your DAW in order for folks to help. Putting that in your sig is a good way to only enter that info once.

Howdy again, the error is “Project “songtitle.cpr” was created with Cubase Version 7.5.40. This program version cannot load it.” The files are wav files with no plugins or outside sends. Clean files in approximately 10 channels. This is happening with all my 7.5.40 files trying to open in Cubase 8.

If you still have an older version like 7.0 or 7.5.30 on your system (or can reinstall it) try opening your 7.5.40 project in it and then saving it under a different name as a 7.0 (or whatever) project. Then try opening that project in 8.

I have no problem opening any C7 projects but I only went as far as 7.5.30 before going to C8 … maybe there’s an issue with the way 7.5.40 saves projects, or the way C8 treats them?

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I stopped at 7.5.30 too.

I just checked FaronJames sig and it says they’re running 8.0.10. If I remember correctly 8.0.10 was released before 7.5.40 so it would make sense it doesn’t know how to open 7.5.40 files. I bet upgrading to 8.0.20 would do the trick if this is the cause. Create a restore point before upgrading in case you want to revert.

And oops, I see its time I update my sig to show the version I’m actually running :blush:

By golly Watson, I think you’ve got it! :laughing:

I did upgrade to 8.0.20 and I still have the same error message.