Cubase not playing adjacent MIDI notes

Hi friends, need your help. I am using C7.02…
In the Key Editor, when I have two MIDI notes adjacent to one another, Cubase play the first one but not the second one if it is starting exactly at the end of the first one. I have to insert a little “space” between the two notes to have the second one played by Cubase.

I hope it is not a bug, I am assuming it is related to an option?

Is the VSTi (or external synth) in Mono mode?

Nope, polyphonic all the way!

Hmmm. Using the pencil tool in the Key Editor, I can draw in any number of same pitched notes, back to back, with no space between them (end time of outgoing note=start time of incoming note) in 7.0.2 with no failure. I tried this with a few different VSTi’s and an external synth. This brings up a question:

Is this occurring with one particular VSTi or any VSTi you pick?

Thanks Weasel for this analysis.
I had the same behavior with two different vsynth. Since it seems to be related to my environment I will conduct some more testing trying to isolate where it comes from.

I will report back soon.

I have a theory about this.
In the following post, Steinberg support explain that internally, MIDI note positions are stored at a much higher resolution than the MIDI PPQ value (which is what you see on the info line and list editor). This causes confusion to the delete doubles command.

I too have experienced adjacent notes not playing, and I reckon that the cause is the same as the cause of the delete doubles problem… the notes are in fact overlapping a tiny bit, but their PPQ start and end positions are rounded versions of the sample positions, and this rounding makes it seem like they are not overlapping. So It’s basically a rounding error. There is more chance of a rounding error creeping in when notes are moved around using mathematical position-modifying functions such as “iterative quantize”, than when employing direct movement with the select tool/drawing tool (because these tools automatically round the position to current PPQ resolution). So if you want to try making a repro, I’d suggest trying to maneuvre the overlapping notes into position by methods other than dragging / drawing.

Just a theory though! :ugeek: