Cubase not receiving sound from U122 soundcard

Hello all,
I’m sure this is one of those things that’s really easy when you know the answer, but … there it is in the subject title: I can’t seem to record audio coming in via USB through my Tascam U122 soundcard. In ‘devices’, the soundcard is shown, but when I try to record - nothing. The red LED on the soundcard indicates that it’s ‘hearing’ the audio input, and the soundcard ( and USB connection ) appear to be working fine for MIDI.
I should explain that this exact setup has been working perfectly well before. I moved five years ago and have just taken everything out of storage to install in my newly-built home studio, but all the equipment is exactly the same, which is why this is puzzling me even more; all of the software is exactly as it was when I used it previously, including drivers etc.
As I say, it may well be that I’m missing something very simple, but if anyone can give me a clue as to what that something might be, it would be very much appreciated …!

And did you also connect the hardware ports to the Cubase busses?

I’m sorry, I know this is going to sound stupid, but … what?
Forgive me, but I’m not as clued up with the lingo as you and many others will be. Since the Cubases busses are not a physical entity, I’m assuming you mean, have I configured the relevant software as you describe? - In which case, I can only return to the fact that all software configuration is exactly as I last left it five years ago when the system was working, which, I presume, must mean that the hardware ports are indeed connected to the Cubase busses. As I say, when I go into Devices, the U122 inputs are shown; however, if I open a new empty song project, in the left-hand column ( the inspector …? ), when I click on ‘inputs’, it just shows ‘Stereo L’ and ‘Stereo R’; it doesn’t mention the U122 specifically. Five years ago I would have known whether that mattered or not; now I honestly can’t remember. I feel like maybe it does make a difference, but I’m not sure.
Unless of course you mean something different altogether, in which case, please could you describe the process in greater detail?

Well, how about simply looking it up, instead of just guessing :bulb: ? VST connections window. Simply starting Cubase before connecting the interface can switch the settings.

More than happy to do so: the problem is that I don’t remember how.

I remember, Cubase 5 comes with a manual. As said above - go to the VST connections.

This was actually what I meant when I said that when I go into ‘Devices’, the U122 inputs are shown. I worded it wrongly: my bad.

So in Cubase you have selected that input bus as input for the track you want to record to?
And you also have the input monitor acvtivated for recording?

Cubase Screen-shot 2.JPG
This is the problem. When I click on ‘Left - stereo in’, as shown in the attachment, there’s a pop-up that says either ‘no bus’ or ‘stereo in’; when I click on ‘stereo in’, the two options that come up are simply ‘left’ and ‘right’. Both the ‘record enable’ ( red ) and ‘input monitor’ ( orange ) radio-buttons are active.

And what audio source are you recording with what cable to which input on the interface?

Recording from a Roland JP8000 synth to the ‘line in’ input, using a quarter-inch jack-to-jack cable.

sigh according to photos, the US 122 has 2 of them…? :confused:

Why sigh …?
It has one ‘line in’ and one ‘line / guitar in’. I’m using the ‘line in’ jack, which is the leftmost one on the front of the unit.

according to this it has 2 "line / guitar in"s
Well, now honestly, according to Tascam there doesn´t seem to be no “U 122” (as you write) at all, so I only supposed it it a “US 122”.

You’re right.
It’s a US122 mk.II. Physically it looks somewhat different to the one in the link, but my one does in fact have one ‘line in’ and one ‘line / guitar in’.
And the bearing that this has on the original problem is …?

The bearing is, that if you select the left input in the Cubase track, but plug the signal into the right input jack of the interface, it is clear that noting is gonna happen. Many people seem to forget, that noone can see their setup and therefore sometimes need even the tiniest bit of information.