Cubase not Recognizing mod Wheel

I have an M-Audio Code 61 keyboard. The Pitch wheel records fine however the mod wheel does not seem to be recognized at all in cubase. Any ideas on how to set the Modulation CC1 to be controlled by a mod wheel?

We are taking it for granted that your M-Audio’s keyboard is actually transmitting CC#1 from its modwheel, yes?
When you move the modwheel, do you see any activity in Cubase’s Transport Bar? (if so, that means that Cubase is at least receiving its data, even if that data isn’t getting as far as the record-enabled MIDI track).
If you don’t see any activity there, check Preferences>MIDI>MIDI Filter.
If you are seeing activity in the Transport Bar, then, maybe CC#1 is being “swallowed up” by a Generic Remote or by Quick Controls (check Devices menu>Device Setup).
(Can’t think of anything else for now… maybe someone else would care to chime in :wink: )

Thanks for your response! So it appears Cubase actually is recieving data but I’m not hearing the effect at all. I’m using Halion and Play and when I use the Mod Wheel I’m not hearing any change, but it is recording the data. Any idea on what may cause that? I’ve gone into device setup but I’m not sure what to do in the “Transport” Area

The Transport area is just a visual monitor.
You say the data is even getting recorded (i.e. you can actually see it inside the MIDI Editor(s) )? If so, then it can’t even be getting “swallowed up” by the Generic Remote.
In that case, then the most likely thing is that the HALion/Play presets that you have chosen just aren’t set to respond to CC#1 (to check that, try a few other presets). Also, try on a new MIDI/Instrument track (in case anything is corrupt on the track you were using).