Cubase not recognizing Rode NT-USB mini microphone

Hello. I just bought this USB mic and connected it to my laptop. The mic works fine outside of Cubase but when I open Cubase, it’s not showing up on the VST system list. What could be the problem? I’m using Cubase 9 Elements.

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac (what macOS version?) or Windows?

I am on Windows


Then I would recommend to read this article.

The link to the mentioned article only goes to the main forum page.
Has the article been removed/moved?
What was the article about?

I have just purchased a RODE NT USB Mini microphone (hasn’t arrived yet) hoping to use it with Cubase 10.5 will it work?


It seems the link doesn’t work anymore after the move to the new forum.

Yes, the mic will work.

Thanks Martin,

Forgot to Add that I’m running Cubase on a Windows 10 PC.

I’m wondering if you can answer another question I asked in a different thread.

Can I use this usb mic as a control room talkback and still capture multitrack inputs from my focusrite interface?

All my research indicates No, but just after a definitive answer from Steinberg or a workable alternative.



Unfortunately this is not possible. You can use only one ASIO driver in Cubase. So you would need to merge the devices under one ASIO driver. For this you could use ASIO4ALL. But you would lose some specific features of the dedicated Audio Device driver.