Cubase not recognizing steingberg UR22 mk II; but Mac does

I’m fairly new to audio editing and to Cubase. I have been recording a voiceover job. This morning everything was fine. At one point I exported a mixdown and listened to it in another program changing the sound outputs on my Mac to hear it on the computer’s speakers.
After a break and going back in, I cannot get any audio in or out through my Steinberg system. The Mac recognizes that it is connected, and I select is as the source of audio input and output. But within Cubase 12 LE (Studio > Audio Connections), my choices are “Built -in Audio” and “Not Connected”. And all sound is going in and out through my Mac’s internal mic and speakers.
Before you say it, yes of course I have restarted the Mac with my UR22 (and mic and headphones) plugged in as usual, and I have unplugged and re-plugged-in my UR22. No dice, same result. Any ideas what I can do? I need to finish this job fast! Thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Change the ASIO Driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, please.

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Thank you, this worked.