Cubase not recording audio on one project

I downloaded Cubase LE 10.5 about 2 months ago and I never figured out how to set it up until recently. Last night I was working on my first project and it was finally actually recording for me so I spent a few hours tracking a song then shut it down for the night then woke up to find out that I could no longer track anything. I could still edit midi files, such as the drums and I can hear every bit of audio, however when I go to record anything it’s completely blank, even though I can still hear it off of my rig. This problem doesn’t occur on any new projects I start but I don’t know if it will happen again. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? My setup is a zoom g5n going into my laptop and connecting to an amp for sound. I have the drivers and everything and it doesn’t seem to have any reason to not be working. I would really appreciate help as it is really frustrating me that I won’t be able to finish the song I was working on. Cheers.


I’m sorry, I don’t really understand your problem.

Once you hit the Record Enable button, all is OK, so far? No message? Then you start to record. Can you see the Audio event has been created? Can you hear the recorded signal, while recording? Can you see the waveform while recording? After you hit Stop, does the Audio event remain? Can you see the waveform? Can you hear it (of course, is the Monitor button disabled)?