Cubase not recording from SPDIF or ADAT

Hey Folks!
I’m using Rme fireface 400, from SPDIF output i pluged cable to the same inteface SPDIF input. On the Rme meter, i see and hear the sound in Spdif input. So sound is coming to the spdif input for sure.
I open cubase, Routing (F4) created input stereo bus, routed it to the SPDIF input. Created stereo track, set the correct input. No sound, no sound recording or monitoring. No sound coming to the cubase input.

Did anyone had the same problem?

Basically i did the same with analog cables and it was always no problem.
Tried everything on internet and still nothing.

Thanks for any suggestions

Hi, @olegarich , and welcome back…

Using a Fireface UCX (more or less the Fireface 400 successor), I can’t talk a lot about the SP-DIF connection, as I never have used it as a true device input. But I use the coaxial ones, though, having routed in the SP-DIF inputs all the other Windows audio applications, and using the TotalMix feedback function to allow their eventual recording in Cubase. Additionaly, I use 7 of my 8 ADAT inputs constantly, coming from an ADAT-8200 unit, six of them being used by my three external instruments, the last one receiving the DI output of my guitar amp head. Works without hassle, here.

So, few questions :

  • Which Cubase 12 version are you using (AI, LE, Elements, Artist, Pro…) ?
  • If you are using the Pro one, do you use the Control Room and if so, could you post screenshots of both the Outputs and Control Room panels of the Audio Connections window ?
  • Which kind of device is connected to the SP-DIF inputs ?

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro, I’ve tried with Control room and without Control (Disabeling it). Basically I’ve tried even routing only inputs and still nothing. I can’t see signal coming in to the cubase.

I’m using spdif coaxial connection with rca connectors. From the same device. It’s like taking signal out from rme interface and bringing it back to it.

With analog out’s it works perfectly.