Cubase not recording midi data, but in Standalone, yes.

Hello Folks,

I have used cubase to recording midi for awhile now, however, all of a sudden I cannot get it to record. I suspect I might have accidently unchecked something. Whats weird is that it picks up the midi data in cubase, just not able to record it.

Does anyone know what the dealo is?

Here is screenshot below to show you exactly what my problem is. It gives more distinct information. Whats weird is that in the ivory cantible player on the program i click a note and the input light lights up, but hwen I press the keyboard nothing happens. ANyone have suggestions?

You need to load Ivory in the VST Instrument Rack and select it as the output of the MIDI track. MS Wavetable is what Windows uses to playback MIDI files and is not for use in Cubase. You aren’t hearing Ivory, but the Wavetable.

So basically Cubase isn’t registering your MIDI keyboard when recording? Is that right? Try changing the input from “All MIDI Inputs” to what ever input your MIDI keyboard is connected to.