Cubase not recording, virus c not being picked up either

Hey, I Am running cubase artist 6.5 with m-audio fast track pro soundcard(most recent driver) & Access virus c.
until not long ago i had everything running fine bt 1 day I found that the virus wasn’t being picked up. It works as a standalone using the audition button bt not through cubase. I also cannot record anything atall, I just makes a flat line audio clip. My soundcard is selected in midi devices. I have added busses in vst connections and altered midi in/out & spif etc, checked thro preferences but cannot understand why its stopped work, please help its drivin me nuts lol cheers :slight_smile:

Can you provide
~ ALL your equipment specs (computer, specs, any other hardware you use, might as well set up a signature in MySteinberg that automatically states this every time you post) :wink:
~ anything you installed since it was running fine
~ anything you changed since it was running fine
~ any other information you think is relevant or might have had some bearing on this

thanks for reply mate ive made a signature, i have reinstalled windows to factory settings, reinstalled soundcard N cubase still with no sucsess. I think it culd be a problem with the soundcard bt the virus still plays as stNdalone so not sure. The signal bar lights up when notes are pressed via piano roll bt still no sound :frowning: i dont think im routing wrong as i had her workin fine before bt its not just the virus that wont record