cubase not registering my soundcard outputs

Hi, i just got an alesis io2 express in the post today. i installed the cubase le5 software it came with and had everything running smoothly.

I was experimenting and wanted to see what the sound would be like coming through my computer speakers, so I went into the windows 8 volume control settings and changed the default sound outputs to the speakers as it was set for the io2. This however removed the io2 from the list and i cannot get it back, i tried in cubase but the only outputs it recognises are the computer speakers (which were terrible, wish i had stayed on my headphones) I dont know whether i have to reinstall something or its very well hidden somewhere.

As you might have guessed im not very technical and this is my first step into the recording world. Any help would be great!


Did you have your alesis io2 plugged in to your computer and turned on when you started up Cubase ? If you don’t, Cubase won’t see it in the VST connections.