Cubase not remembering MIDI assignment for Generic Remote

Hi Guys,

I use a software called Midimittr to use my iPad with TouchOSC as a generic remote. I use this instead of the usual WiFi because with this software I can use the USB cable and it’s WAY faster.
The only thing that bugs me a lot is that every time I reboot my machine and open cubase, I have to manually select the MIDI input and MIDI output for this device. The weird thing is that I have only to select it once after each boot. If I close and open Cubase it will be remembered but if I reboot my machine and open Cubase I have to select it again.

I’m on a Mac Mojave (I’ve also tested on High Sierra) and Cubase 10.5.20 (also happens on 10)

Anyone have an Idea of what should be the problem ?


This is a bug in Midimittr. It doesn’t create its virtual MIDI ports with the same unique ID. If you want to have this fixed you should contact the developer of that software.


This happens on Mac only. And it happens with any virtual MIDI Port on Mac as far as I know.

The interesting part is, it works, if you use the same MIDI Port as MIDI Track Output in Cubase. Only Remote Devices don’t remember it. Probably different MIDI Port handlings of the MIDI Tracks and Remote Devices in Cubase.

No, it’s not a problem of all virtual midi ports. Just for the ones not coded correctly. I’ve written software that creates virtual ports and they are recalled correctly in cubase after a restart.

Hi Arne,

Good to know, thank you.

I know Cycling '74 has the same problem with Max/MSP and all applications built in this environment. SSL Nucleus is using virtual MIDI ports and has the same issue, same as some Alesis controllers and others. I will inform all of these manufacturers. All of them say the problem sits in Cubase (especially when it works in the MIDI track as an inputs and outputs and doesn’t work for the remote devices only).

Any idea why is it working as MIDI Tracks Inputs/Outs and not as Remote Devices then, please?

Maybe tracks have a fallback mechanism to check for the name of a port? I don’t know.

Doesn’t remember the ports with Lemur on Mac either when using the Lemur Daemon…

The developer of TouchOSC told me there is nothing he can do about this, because due to MacOs documentation you can only define a Name but no unique ID. That’s why all tools using CoreMIDI API have the same issue. If you know a way how to do this on MacOs please share your knowledge.
Otherwise it would be great if Steinberg would add a fallback to name based identification on generic remotes.

To set a unique ID for a virtual port he should look at the API call MIDIObjectSetIntegerProperty for the kMIDIPropertyUniqueID property. Point him to this stackoverflow question:

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Great :+1:
Your hint helped to fix the issue on the latest TouchOSC Bridge beta version.
Many thanks foe sharing your knowledge.
That’s much appreciated…