Cubase not responding

I am running Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10, and have been having issues with Cubase freezing after in the program for only 2-3 minutes. When I open task manager, Cubase shows to be not responding, then after I end the task, I am unable to relaunch until after I restart my computer. It seemed other people were having a similar issue and was being caused by a bad plug-in, so I was trying to isolate which plug-in it was, but even with all plug-ins removed from the VST3 folder in the “Common Files” folder of both “Program FIles” and “Program Files (x86)”, the problem persisted, but now I get one of several similar eLicenser errors saying that an application was causing connection to fail. Sometimes Cubase was the application causing the issue, other times it was eLicenser Control Center, HALion Sonic SE, or sometimes it was just “unknown application”.

With this error, I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the latest versions of Cubase 9.5, eLicenser Control Center, and HALion Sonic SE, but to no avail as I am having the same eLicenser issue. I’m a little stuck now as the solutions I have seen to eLicenser connection issues has been to uninstall and reinstall.

What are suggestions for my next step? I have thought reinstalling Windows clean onto my machine, but looking for alternatives to this first, as I don’t want to reinstall everything to my computer.


It’s “just” freezing, so unfortunately there is no dump file created in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dump folder, right?

its not creating anything there, or in any Steinberg related folder anywhere else either.

The problem starts usually 1-2 minutes after in a song, as you pause, play, move the scroll bar, really any action, Cubase either greys over and say Not Responding at top, or you hear static and it just closes. no popup ever comes up saying that we crashed, unless it is an eLC error, which happens fairly frequently too


Then I would start with the eLCC crash. Might be that to done this crash will solve all crashes.

Any info why eLCC crashes? Any log?