Cubase not retaining preset from external synths

Hi, I have been using Cubase 12 Pro with three different external synths (System-8, Nautilus and MicroFreak) for about 6 months so relatively new to all this. Having a problem when trying to audio record (or render in place) an external instrument with it not retaining the preset that I have chosen on the synth.

I start both processes with the right preset but as soon as I start the render or press record to audio record it changes the preset to one I did not choose.

Would appreciate any guidance on what I might be doing wrong here. Thanks

Hi Malivar
There’s a few ways you can do this in Cubase :
In the inspector on the left hand side on your midi track , you have the Midi channel , bank and program number . It sounds like the track you are using has 'program change 'enabled ,so you can either adjust the program number in the inspector which will send the program number to the external synth and set it to the program you want or click on the midi part and add the program number you want to record or you can go to ( top menu )Midi / Midi filter , select the midi channel you have assigned in the filters and disable the program changes so the program you have on the synth will not be changed by Cubase .
MIDI - MIDI Filter (
Program Change Messages and Bank Select Messages (

Thanks FilterFreq, this worked for the System-8 and the Nautilus however with the MicroFreak it seems to only allow the Programs to go up to 128. The MicroFreak now stores up to 512 presets but I could not find a combination of Banks/Programs that worked. Had to move the required patch inside the first 128 Programs to work. Small price as you have solved it otherwise thanks again.

Yes that is the limitation on some synths , does the micro freak have a setting for turning off program changes in the menu , this is another thing you could do with the other two synths , most synths have this option in the midi send and receive setups ,but at least you’ve made headway :wink:

From the Arturia website

Hi FilterFreq. I can’t see it anywhere. The Program Bank/Program Change layout in your graphic doesn’t seem to work for me. Have been playing around all day but cannot make it work. Shortest workaround is to put the preset in the first 128 berths and then it seems to hold (it was originally number 188 but doesn’t seem to like it. There is nothing obvious in the MIDI sub folder on the MicroFreak…so have a workaround for now while I see if I can work it out. Thanks again.