Cubase not saving backups

I’m on Windows 11 / Cubase Pro 12.0.4

So cubase just decided to not save backups all evening.
Is this a thing that happens, or might they have gone somewhere else?

I updated to 12.0.4 today and backups are activated in preferences as they have always been and worked so far.
Anyone else experienced this? I’ll probably go back to manual saving until I find out if autosave is reliable.


Ok, I did some quick testing:
I set the autosave interval to 1 minute, did some random stuff to my project and waited until a .bak file with current timestamp appeared in my project folder.
I closed the project without saving and while cubase was closing the .bak file disappeared on me.

So is cubase now deleting backup files of unsaved projects on exit, is there a new cleanup option I didn’t see yet or what is it?

No, it’s done that for ages. If it didn’t then the next time you opened the Project it would say it found a .bak file that was newer than the Project file and do you want to use that instead. That message is really reserved for when Cubase has crashed the Project. It assumes that if you chose to not save the Project then you wouldn’t need the .bak files to recover anything.

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it could be funny to ask the person who wrote the manual what they think how backup files are handled. I’m sure deleting backup files of unsaved projects is exactly what they had in mind when repeatedly talking about backing up unsaved projects.