Cubase Not Saving OVER File - Creates NEW Instead

Strange problem after moving to a new Windows 10 system.

When I ‘Save’ within a project, rather than saving over as normal it’s saving as a new file with incremental numerical suffix, so:


and so on. I’m definitely hitting regular ‘Save’ rather than save as new. My project folders are quickly filling up with redundant project files…

Have I missed something obvious here? Was on Mac before and never had the issue, but I’m assured it’s not a ‘Windows’ thing specifically

Quick update - I came across someone having the exact issue and it appears to be a problem with Dropbox. Has anyone else had this?

Like this chap, my Dropbox folder is my root project folder on my hard drive that I run Cubase projects out of. Will be contacting Dropbox but I don’t expect they’ll be able to give detailed advice on Cubase saving itself

The answer is in that thread. The file is in use. It’s not a problem with Dropbox or with Cubase, neither is designed to do that.

What is the advantage of it? You should use built in File History in Windows 10, which works perfectly.

I think the amount of overhead used to sync to a remote server, directly from the the project directory is certainly not worth it, even if it could work.