Cubase not saving the sends I've sent to groups

I recently installed the 8.40 update and most issues I had before were resolved, however now Cubase doesn’t save the sends that I set up to groups. This means everytime I open a session I have to see which channels I sent to groups and re send those. Anyone else having this problem?

do you mean sends, as in one of the 8 send slots, get un-assigned, or the actual routing of a channel loses its assignment?

(i haven’t had either happen, however cubase has always suffered from this very bug when using the ‘export selected channels’ followed by ‘file > import > track archive’. if you are trying to save an audio channel(s) as well as groups the channel is routed to, as part of a ‘track archive’, cubase will then, upon loading the ‘archive’, instantiate the saved audio channels NOT routed to the groups.)

anyway, back on topic: i would try backing up the project in a new folder (using the File… menu).

Yes the sends. If I send to a FX channel it seems to remember that send when I open the project back up. Not the case if I send to a group channel. This is happening on all my old and new sessions. I’ll try the back up in new folder option and see if that helps. Thanks for replying!

Well that didn’t fix it. I’m assuming maybe reinstalling Cubase may be my only option at this point and cross my fingers that it’ll solve the problem?

Before doing that, as a last resort, I’d suggest deleting the Defaults.xml file – that sometimes seems to fix certain issues of such mysterious nature.