Cubase not seeing ASIO Drivers

Suddenly, when I launched Cubase 7.5 today, I’m getting an error that there are missing ports – Analogue 1 and 2 are unmapped. Going into Device Setup/VST Audio System, I’m not getting my MOTU drivers listed. In fact, “No Driver” is what it says.

This is only in Cubase. Windows seems to still be recognizing them as I can hear sound from the computer and in the internet, etc. Just Cubase does not.

Any suggestions on where to start fixing this?

Thanks very much,

Arhhgg… I can’t get anything to show up in Devise Setup/VST Audio Systems/ASIO field except “No Driver”. :imp: Yet, the MOTU driver is working with the rest of Windows 7.

You need to set the Asio driver back to Motu from no driver , there should be a pull down list including "full duplex " and your computers on board card

Thanks for the help, guys. Turned out that a Windows update had screwed things up.

d-_-b, I couldn’t change it back to ASIO driver because it simply wasn’t there. The only item in the drop down was “No Driver”.

So, anyone else with that problem, beware some of the drivers from the Windows updated from last week. After a restore, I reinstalled only the essential windows updates, not all the unessential driver updates Windows recommended.

Thanks again,

You could of done a system restore :wink:

That’s what I did. :wink: