Cubase not showing current presets when saving a new one

HI, here is a weird one.

Every time a want to save a template, track preset or multi-track preset, Cubase is not showing my currents ones. But when I go in Media Bay, they are all there.

And if I enter the name of a current preset, Cubase is asking if I want to over right.

Any idea ?


yes, it sounds like you have a filter in place based on the instrument browser. Make sure you don’t have a search in place. If not you can enable additional panels in the bottom left corner I believe. In these other panels you can select/remove other default filters for the instrument.

Thanks but no, I don’t have any filters in the Save Track Preset window.
What you are describing is the Load Track Preset window, which doesn’t have any filter enabled either.

Ah Gotcha, I don’t know about that. Mine are showing.

A thought just occurred to me… did you happen to install or re-install since the last time you saw them in that list? It’s possible that you selected “everyone who uses the computer” differently, so the default preset location is now different. Both would probably show up in the scan, but maybe that dialog only looks at the current preset folder. Just an idea.

by the way, if that is the problem just find the old ones and copy them to the new location.

Ok thanks guys.
I have found the problem. It seems that when Cubase is NOT showing my current presets in the Save Track Preset window, it’s because it is in fact struggling to read the content of my Multi Track Preset folder.

I had quite huge preset files in there, over 250MB in size (Orchestral Tools template sections) so Cubase was struggling to scan and show these preset files. So I deleted them, and now Cubase can refresh and show them in a second or two after I open the Save Track Preset window.

It’s weird because these presets were them since many months and had never been an issue before.

hmm … mine is large as well, but I don’t have that problem. Do you have “only scan while media bay is open” enabled? If so, make sure you open media bay and give it a LONG time to resolve everything. Or just turn it off and let Cubase scan while it is open.

No it is unchecked

sorry dude, wish I knew.